Sunday, April 22, 2012

Whats your True Colors?

We coming back at ya with the second rendition of Aloha from Wax Wings! Back in our first post we asked you what’s your true color? And of course, you couldn't possibly answer that because I didn’t introduce the colors. Now we’re gonna tell ya. Wax Wings is an initiative that pushes the envelope of mere designs on tshirts through a concept called true colors. What distinguishes one tshirt brand from the next? The answer is merely its design. To be truthful, it is the design and how that design “speaks” to us that makes us by a shirt. But does the shirt really? True colors allows a wearer to not only speak to the wearer, but to be used as a form of speech. True Colors allows users to be part of a community subliminally based on how they express themselves creatively. The root of each color is based of the hip hop culture, the predominant subculture that many can say shaped the society that we know it. Our forms of expression radiate in our art and in history. Did you ever take a moment to appreciate a fine renaissance sculpture or painting? How about observe a Hula Kahiko in depth to understand the story being told through the movements and gestures? Or even, taken the time to look into the lyrics of that catchy song on the radio? They are forms of expression, and they are recreations of the culture that it claims to. You ready to find out your color?


From those spinning in their bedrooms, to those rippin’ off roofs in the clubs, DJs have been synonymous with the Hip Hop culture to be the beat and rhythmn of the Hip Hop culture. Likewise the vinyl record is a symbol to DJs hence, black wings. Although we owe the color to the DJs and their vinyl record, the color stands for much more. Black Wings represents for those whom find a passion in music and sound. Anyone that takes the time to appreciate a tracks basslines and undertones, the harmonies, melodies and hooks takes you for a ride. If you appreciate a good verse from your favorite MC, or a slam poetry junkie, you may be a loud and proud blackwing. To sum it up, if how you express yourself emits some time of sound or music that others can listen to, this is the faction for you.



The untouched wall. For the hip hop culture, the sides of city buildings that line the streets are the canvas for a graffiti artist and why the visual and hand based faction is symbolizes the white wall. The name of the game is fame, whether you sport the tags, bomb, or spray burners on walls, the wall is your medium to voice yourself. In all forms of visual art, main tool used is your hands, this faction also home for those whom expresses themselves through the use of their hands. When you write, you use your hands, when you draw, you use your hands, when you sculpt... you use your hands.... …. hopefully. The main thing is the creation of art that others can take to their interpretation, the true and creative BlankWings.


B-boys are probably the most renowned on the forefront in the hip hop culture. Through the B-boys, there is nothing more iconic than the cardboard dancemats that are so commonly used in the sport.  They manipulate the body and move in ways that awe spectators. This is expression through use of the entire body. This is not only limited to dance however, you may like to weightlift, run, play basketball, play pretty much anysport. If you entire body is involved that is truly how you express yourself then you are a highly expressive and talented BrownWing.

So I’ve broken it down to you. The Vinyl Record, the Untouche Wall, the Cardboard Dancemat. The core symbols of the Hip Hop Culture that literally shaped society today. Everyone can assimilate themselves into at least one of these “true colors”.

Now, Just imagine walking on the street, sporting your Wax Wings true color and off in the distance you see off in the distance, the Wax Wings Logo sported off centered on his/her shirt, over the heart, the same color as your. Although you may have different activities, the nature of your activities creates this instant bond with you and that person. No words have to be expressed or gestures have to be exchanged but you can connect with him/her, so you throw up the shaka, a simple gesture of acknowledgement. I’m sure they’ll know what your talking about. Wax wings strives to be more than just another brand, but the start of many brands that pushes the envelope in providing clothing that one can be actually proud of. No more of this “I just like the design” BS. Here at Wax Wings, we are redefining the term fashion statement. So with that said, What’s your color?

Wax wings is currently doing a limited first run. Hit me up with a message on FB if you're interested. Please include your name, Size (men/womens), and color. Men's shirts are going for $15 and womens for $17.

Straight out the oven this is Freshly Baked Aloha

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